Dr. Khaled Mohammed Saad Alamri

Obesity Department
Obesity and Endocrine Metabolism Center

Current Position
Consultant Of Bariatric Medicine At Obesity, Endocrinology And Metabolism Center. King Fahad Medical City. Patient Safety Officer
General Details
Languages Spoken:
Arabic & English

Education & Board Certificates
Ø  Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) College of Medicine, King Saud University, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Ø  Saudi Board of Family Medicine (SBFM);King Abdul Aziz Medical City; National Guard ; Riyadh
Ø  Arab Board of Family Medicine (ABFM); King Abdul Aziz Medical City; National Guard ; Riyadh
Ø  Clinical Fellowship in Bariatric Medicine and Metabolic disorders; Imperial College London; London UK. (First Saudi Fellow graduated in Bariatric Medicine and from Imperial College London;UK)
Ø  Certified with a Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Education by World Obesity Federation ;
Ø  Certificate in Nutrition for Weight Loss; Academy for Distance Learning. UK 2015-2016
Ø  Clinical science of eating disorders , UCL university; UK 2015-2016
Ø  Royal College of Physicians accreditation as Medical Educator, Educational Supervisor and Leader.
Ø  Patient Safety Officer Certificate course ; August, 2016 Riyadh
Ø  Clinical science of eating disorders , 5 weeks at UCL university, November 2015
Ø  Certificate In Nutrition For Weight Loss ; 6 months from Academy for Distance Learning ; February 2016
Ø  Accredited by The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) as RCP Educator 2015-2016
Ø  Accredited by The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) as Educational Supervisor 2015-2016.
Ø  Accredited by The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) as Leader 2015-2016.
Ø  On the Job Teaching workshop, RCP October 2015
Ø  Workplace Based Assessment workshop, RCP October 2015
Ø  Effective Teaching Skills , RCP September 2015
Ø  Three workshops of Peer Support Network ;
Ø  RCP September 2015, November 2015 and February 2016
Ø  Educational Supervisor Workshops and RCP accreditation ;
Ø  October 2015
Ø  Getting the most out of simulation ;
Ø  RCP November 2015
Ø  Train the Trainers of Tomorrow; all Modules; Organized by Imperial College Healthcare and Accredited by Royal College of Physicians:
1. Train the trainer module 1, Imperial college Healthcare ; Ealing hospital
2. Train the trainer module 2, Imperial college Healthcare; Ealing hospital
3. Train the trainer module 3, Imperial college Healthcare; Ealing hospital;
4. Train the trainer module 4, Imperial college Healthcare; Royal Brompton hospital;
Ø  Clinical Supervision with Confidence ; University of East Anglia; Online learning for 2 weeks;
Ø  How to be OSCE examiner for new examiners, Manchester University at Manchester City; February 2016
Ø  How to Facilitate a Problem Based Learning session ; Manchester University ; Manchester City February 2016
Ø  Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research; University of Leeds; online learning for 4 weeks.
Ø  Awarding OSCE global score, online learning ; Manchester University ; Manchester City February 2016
Ø  Specialist Certification of Obesity Professional Educational Program (SCOPE) ; London UK November 2015
Ø  SCOPE School Conference London UK ; July 2015
Ø  3rd World Congress on Interventional Therapies for Type 2 Diabetes and the 2nd Diabetes Surgery Summit (DSS-II) London, United Kingdom, 28-30 September 2015
Ø  Nutrition and Wellbeing ; University of Aberdeen; online learning for 4 weeks
Ø  Stop Binge Eating workshop; Weight Matters Practice; London UK; August 2015
Ø  Good Clinical Practice ICH GCP adapted for UK; April 2015
Ø  Moral Leadership – Building Ethical Healthcare Organizations Open Masterclass Event; London UK January 2016
Ø  Organizational Leadership Workshop, RCP November 2015
Ø  The individual as Leaders Workshop, December 2015
Ø  Leading QI in Medical Leader , Reading City UK; September 2015
Ø  Clinical Medical Education workshop in King Saud University for health sciences at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), Riyadh 2014
Expertise or Specialty
Family Medicine with Sub-specialty in Bariatric Medicine and Metabolism. The first Saudi MD physician who is certified in Bariatric Medicine. I have been trained in family Medicine Board at King Abdul- Aziz Medical City for 4 years and certified with Saudi Board and Arab Board of Family Medicine. I got a clinical fellowship in bariatric Medicine at Imperial College London University. I worked at specialized Bariatric Center at St Mary's Hospital; Charing Cross Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital. I have been involved in Clinical trial at Hammersmith Research center about Impact Of Bariatric Surgery on Renal Impairment Patients. I have been involved on multidisciplinary Meetings about Surgical and Medical Bariatric patients that were run at St Mary's Hospital.

Research & Publications
Impact of Bariatric surgeries on patients with renal impairment; (in progress);2015 Hammersmith Research Center; Imperial College London ; UK
Patient attitude towards physician's attire; July 2010. (For Publication), King Abdul-Aziz Medical City, Riyadh
Involved as PI researcher in tow clinical trials
1-GLP1 analogue with glucagon molecule vs Liraglutide 3 mg in treatment of obesity ( for proposal approve)
2- GLP1 analogue with glucagon molecule vs Liraglutide 1.8 mg in treatment of Obesity with Diabetes ( for proposal approve)
Knowledge , Feelings , attitude and Practice of Primary Care Physicians' Toward Obesity Management at Family medicine Practice sitting in Riyadh ( In progress)
Relationship between Brain Function and Obesity ( for proposal approve)