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King Fahad Medical City

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Application Process For Internships:

• The Postgraduate Department will receive a REQUEST LETTER from the University/Institution.

The university should include the following:

   o The email Address of the university.

   o The email address of the trainee.

   o The Mobile number of the trainee.

   o The GPA of the trainee.

• The University/Institution will get a response from the Postgraduate Department (PGD) either to accept or to reject the trainee.

• If the trainee is accepted, he/she must send the medical investigation in three (3) weeks before the joining date of his/her rotation.

• He/she should submit the original copies of all the requirements one week before his/her rotation or on the joining day of his/ her rotation.

The Requirements are:

   o Medical Investigation.

   o Training Declaration Form.

   o A Copy of the National ID.

   o 6 x 4 photo for issuing a temporary ID.


Note: All trainee must have a Temporary ID in order to do the rotation.​