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The research laboratories are part of the executive director of the Research Center aimed to establish, develop and adopt new ideas of research, which have a good potential to increase quality of life and healthcare. Our laboratories have been furbished with state of the art instruments to make ready to accommodate researchers with different interests and different disciplines. It will allow physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other specialties to experience laboratory work and develop the skills and courage to research complex medical topics.

Under the research center executive directory, our labs have been ever evolving making new connections with local and international institutions. Recently, the department hosted many educational courses intended to increase the research culture among KFMC stuff.

Now with even more support with the Intramural Research Fund our aim is to create labs that compete nationally and internationally with other high scientific Research laboratories.


Organizational ChartKF2_8071.JPG
Histology and Microbiology:
• Microbial Isolation and Identification
• Histo. Sample Preparation
• Antigen Detection
• IHC & IF
Molecular Medicine:
• Genomics
• Cancer Biomarkers
• PCR, qPCR and NGS
• Proteomics

Biochemistry & Analytical Chemistry:
• Flow Cytometry
• Atomic Absorption Spec.
• Automated ELISA
• Vitamin Analyzer

Saudi Human Genome Project Satellite Lab