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Assistant Executive Administration of Learning Institute

The learning Institute establishes quality criteria for program development and design that meet the national and international standers. Provide and conduct educational research and disseminate educational reports. Develop programs in affiliation with local and international academic and healthcare entities. Conduct a frequent needs assessment to determine the need and capacity to establish new programs and provide guidance to other administrations to develop and evaluate educational programs.

Educational program development and evaluation department:

      • Establish educational quality criteria that must be met in all educational programs conducted at KFMC. 
      • Provide consultations to all administrations to develop and evaluate educational programs.
      • Create manuals for the residences programs at KFMC.

Educational collaboration and support department:
      • Review and track all current educational collaboration agreements between KFMC and other national and international entities.
      • Review and track all educational collaboration agreement between the MOH or other Saudi Ministries and other national or international organization.
      • Establish a standardized educational agreement contract that meets the national and international regulations.
      • Support and adopt all suggestions that are expected to elevate the quality of education at KFMC.

Educational quality department:
      • Establish and update the necessary guidelines and rules that regulate all educational activates at KFMC.

      • Design and update the educational manuals for all programs at KFMC.
Provide current information and statistics about all educational activates conducted at KFMC.

      • Provide the necessary reports needed to evaluate all educational programs at KFMC, and evaluate the quality of programs conducted at KFMC.

      • Construct and publish the periodic educational quality report at KFMC, and evaluate the progress of all educational quality initiatives.

       • Rank all programs based on the degree to which they comply with the set quality regulations.

• Masters in Clinical Research
Executive Masters in Healthcare Administration

To contact with the Office of administrative support of Learning Institute
Ext:   2889999 - 9393
Location: FOM building- seventh floor