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King Fahad Medical City

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Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration

Lifelong learning is a concept that KFMC has embraced. This can be clearly observed in the mission and vision of KFMC. In addition, KFMC has allocated part of its resources to enable its employees to seek academic and professional training locally, regionally and internationally.


Postgraduate Department:

The department covers staff development through scholarships in rare specialties and deploy them within the Kingdom for education and training. It supervises postgraduate and scholarship programs in the required KFMC specialties. The administration also provides suitable local programs internationally recognized for physicians in KFMC such as Residency and fellowship programs.
Provided Services:
• Internship Programs.
• Summer Training.
• Clinical Attachment.
• Rotators Residents and Fellows.
• Residency Training Programs.
• Fellowship Training Program

Residency Training Programs: (press here to view a list of programs):
For applying for the Residency Training Programs:  
Application date: Application dates are announced after receiving the Timetable for Application from Saudi Commission for health specialties 

Fellowship Training Programs: (press here to view a list of programs):

For applying for the Fellowship Training Program:

Application date: Application dates are announced after receiving the Timetable for Application from Saudi Commission for health specialties


To contact the Postgraduate Department:

Ext.: 2889999 - 9393


Scholarship Department:
The Scholarship Program at King Fahad Medical City aims to qualify and develop the capabilities and skills of the institution's staff scientifically, academically, technically and administratively. As well as developing the scientific and intellectual abilities in addition to the development of the cultural understanding of King Fahad Medical City's staff. This can be achieved, by creating appropriate educational and training opportunities in order to qualify and develop the staff to Saudize all the medical, technical and administrative jobs by sending them for scholarships to obtain bachelor's degree, masters, PHD, medical residency and fellowship training program whether domestically or abroad.
Provided Services:
• Identifying the needs of administrations and departments through preparation of scholarship plans from each administration and approving it by the Education, Training and Scholarship Council, headed by the Chief Executive Officer.
• To facilitate the opportunities for staff to secure an acceptance by providing preliminary financial guarantees.
• Organize meetings for Scholarship and Training Committee and Education, Training, and Scholarship Council.
• Coordinate with concerned administrations for personal interviews for add-on scholar applicants who wish to join King Fahd Medical City and follow up with Human Resources until final approval of application.
Offer guidance and support to all potential scholar applicants regarding the scholarship process.


To contact with the office of support Administration of Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration  

Ext:2889999 - 9393