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King Fahad Medical City

Patient Guide / Poison Control / Lead Poisoning

​Lead metal poisoning:

The most common cause of lead poisoning is lead paint, gasoline, some toys. It is possible to be found in some cosmetic products such as eyeliner.

Symptoms of lead poisoning:

Initially, lead poisoning may not show clear symptoms. Lead gradually accumulates in the body. Symptoms or signs do not appear until the lead level becomes serious. Signs and symptoms of lead poisoning in children are:

• Irritability

•  Lack of appetite

•  Weight loss

•  Lethargy

•  Abdominal pain

•  Vomiting

•  Constipation

•  Dehydration

Lead poisoning can damage several organs, such as the nervous system, digestive system, reproductive system, circulatory system, and kidneys.

First Aid:

The first treatment in the case of lead poisoning is the removal of its sources.

If you notice some of the symptoms listed above, your child should be examined by a pediatrician as soon as possible.