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King Fahad Medical City

Patient Guide / Poison Control / Household Products Poisoning

Poisoning by detergents and toxic chemicals:

Some household cleaning products and insecticides incorporate several chemicals. And exposure to a rate exceeding the normal rate may adversely affect human health, whether by inhalation or swallowing or skin absorption.

Poisoning symptoms:

By inhalation:

• Shortness of breath.

• Dry throat.

• Loss of consciousness.

By swallowing:

• Dryness, burns, allergies in the mouth and throat.

• Effect on the stomach (may lead to ulcers).

By skin or eye contact:

• Dryness of the affected area.

• Minor scratches or burns.

• Sensitivity to skin or eczema.

• Redness and sensitivity of the eye.

• Dissolving fat in the eye causing serious risks.

• Severe burns in the eye.

First Aid:

By inhalation:

Transfer the casualty to a well-ventilated place away from toxic substances and contact the ambulance.

By swallowing:

  1.  It is forbidden to give acids such as vinegar and lemon juice in alkaline poisoning cases such as flash.
  2. Transfer the injured to the hospital immediately.

By contact with the skin:
  1. Wash the skin with a stream of flowing water while removing contaminated clothes and continue to wash the skin with water, then wash the skin afterward thoroughly with soap and water
  2. Do not put any medicine or chemical on the affected skin, because some chemicals may worsen the case.

By contact with the eye:
  1. Hold your eyelids open with your hands and wash with flowing water.
  2. Do not use any kind of droplets.
  3. Transfer the injured to the nearest hospital.