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Patient Guide / Poison Control / Drug Poisoning

 Drug poisoning:

What is hiding in your medicine cabinet? Take a look at the medications available at your house and you'll be surprised by the number of drugs that look like sweets and candies.

Children have a natural curiosity, and exploring new things by putting it in their mouth is one of the most important characteristics of children in their early years, which may lead them to swallow attractive colorful drugs or drugs placed in attractive packaging.

For example, iron tablets are very similar to M & M's in color and shape, leading to children's belief that they are candies and therefore ingesting it, leading to poisoning.

Iron is one of the most common drugs that cause poisoning in children. As well as analgesics (such as proven, panadol, Voltaren, etc.), vitamins, antibiotics, and all kinds of colorful capsules and tablets.

 General guidelines for drug preservation:

• Keep all medicines in a dedicated medicine cabinet and make sure to place it in a high place that children do not reach. Do not put it in the bathroom or kitchen because moisture can damage the medicines.

• Take care when disposing of dangerous and potentially harmful drugs such as narcotic and psychotropic drugs, needles, chemotherapy drugs etc., and ask your pharmacist how to safely dispose these drugs.

• Do not store medicines outside their original packaging. If you want to store them in a pill organizer (divided by weekdays, etc.), keep it out of the reach of children.

Check the validity of the medicine before use. Ear, eye and nose drops are often valid for only one month after opening and must be disposed of after one month of opening.

•  Make sure to take the right dose of the medicine by reading the medication leaflet, or follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist.

• Keep medicines in a place away from moisture, heat, and sunlight.

Do not tell your child that medicines are a kind of candy.

Do not take medicines in front of your child.