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King Fahad Medical City

Patient Guide / Patient Experience / Events

Community Meeting
This program is held to develop healthcare services through the participation of the patient and community where it meets the Executive directors in KFMC with patient, employees of the health section and members from community to put forward and discuss the suggestions and inquiries.
Encouraging the role of the community to improve health care services.
Promote patient participation as an effective in the health care system.
• Participate to promote individual and community health.
• Involve patient in performance of the evaluation to improve health care services.
• Provide opportunities for patients to communicate with top managements and healthcare providers and participate in their experiences.

Live with CEO
Patient satisfaction is an important indicator of quality of health care, this event provide a direct communication between patients and executive directors by internal television channels that allows them to discuss their complains and concerns openly.
To improve the patient satisfaction and increase the quality of health care.
Listening to the patients voice and filling the gap between patients and CEO's
Provide opportunities for patient voice to inform and share their lived experience through contributions via direct communication.
To improve the hospital environment for patients.
 Response to concerns and complaints made during the patient's stay.
• Hospital with high satisfaction ratings and high quality environment level.
• Favored and easier communication with high managements
• Providing consistently satisfying patient experiences

PX Awards
Patient Experience Awards Program is intended to recognize, celebrate and thank care givers who, through their contribution and effort, have been exemplars of the Trust values in delivering healthcare at its very best – with a personal touch, and in doing so to enhance the patient experience. The program will help PX to continuously improve by providing a means of motivating individuals to use their knowledge, talents, and abilities to excel in their jobs , it will recognize and reward both individual physicians and Administrators.

Excellence Award: is given to all caregivers who have received appreciation letter from a patient or a family as an indicator that they ran the extra mile in providing excellent and exceptional care.

Star Award: is given to all KFMC staff who have been evaluated by their direct managers with the recommendation of the executive director as a high performers and providing an outstanding effort.

Department Award: is given to KFMC outstanding departments who's evaluated as a high teamwork engagement.

Mobadarah Award: is given to all staff who have initiative that enhances patient experience in KFMC under certain conditions set by PXD.