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King Fahad Medical City

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King Fahad Medical City seeks to enhance community participation to increase and enrich the level of participation of beneficiaries in improving electronic services and decision-making. And enable social responsibility through enhancing communication with beneficiaries and sharing their opinions, suggestions, and ideas to improve the quality of services provided and improve the experience of beneficiaries of those services and meet the needs of them.

E-Participation Policy

The King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) has given e-participation a high priority. As e participation allows beneficiaries to freely express their opinions and share their suggestions and ideas. KFMC reviews all participations before they are published to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, support the highest levels of transparency, and improve dialogue between the two parties while giving due account to freedom of participation and allowing everyone to be heard. KFMC may approve or delete any participation that it deems inappropriate or conflicts with its policies or the laws applicable in the Kingdom in relation to dealing with official websites, without any obligation on its part. The KFMC, its employees, or representatives are not legally liable for any comments or posts published on its electronic participation platforms.

E-Participation Goals

  • Promoting interaction and transparency to achieve public satisfaction and mutual trust.
  • Provide multiple channels for e-participation and facilitate their use by providing direct links and a full description of each channel.
  • Enabling decision-makers to develop programs and services according to the needs of the community.
  • Enhancing the role of the beneficiary to participate in decision-making and to improve and raise the quality of services provided.

Stages of E-Participation in Decision-Making

  • First stage, broaching the subject
  • King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) publishes the topics to the target audience or the public, and applies for electronic participation in decision-making through:

  • Second stage, collecting E-Participations:
  • When broaching a subject (or When a topic is raised), you can share your opinion in accordance with the provisions and regulations of e-participation. After the end of the specified period of participation, KFMC will not accept participation regarding this topic.

  • Third stage, analyzing participations:
  • At this stage, participations are sorted and analyzed, and appropriate ones are used in decision-making and policy formulation.

  • Fourth stage, the announcement of the decision:
  • At this stage, the action taken will be announced on the topic (Subject) page, with appropriate responses to the most prominent participations as much as possible.