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King Fahad Medical City

Patient Guide / Pharmacy / Medical Refill

Medication Refill
Refill medications through iKFMC application on smart phones. Through such application, you can select the way in which you will receive the medication either by:
    o The ground floor pharmacy in the outpatient building on the day following the date of your application (from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm).
    o Through express mail (for patients outside Riyadh) to the nearest delivery point from your house.
Through this application you can ask any questions regarding your medications such as inquiring about the availability of the medication or how to use it, by writing that in the field "The Patient's Comment".

Important Notes:

• Prescription refill may be requested within ten days maximum from the specified date for dispensing.
• If the patient fails to dispense the medications on due date; medications will be dispensed according to the remaining period of the prescription.​


Wishing you a speedy recovery!