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KFMC / King Fahad Medical City / Patient Guide / Eligibility

King Fahad Medical City provides a specialized medical care in various fields for cases which are difficult to be treated in other hospitals. But some cases will not be accepted if they do not meet the eligibility criteria of the hospital. If a patient is admitted to receive medical care, the treatment will be limited to the condition for which he has been admitted.

Eligibility Criteria at King Fahad Medical City:
• A referral or a report from a governmental hospital in English.
• To attach a detailed report in English with letters of treatment.
• To attach patient official identification documents.
• The referring hospital shall be committed to receive the patient upon the completion of the treatment plan at KFMC.
• It must be a specialized case.
• To bring the required documents.
• The required service must be available at KFMC
• Signature of the patient or guardian on the terms of the patient's treatment at KFMC.
• File duration shall be one year.
• Saudi citizens, and their families, who work in entities that have their own hospitals, treatment shall require a referral from these entities.
• For citizens who have medical insurance, the insurance company shall bear their treatment costs. If insurance policy expires, treatment shall be free.
• Treatment of children of Saudi wife from a foreign husband, the non-Saudi wife of Saudi husband and the husband of Saudi wife; provided that the wife shall sponsor this husband. Treatment of displaced tribes and ladies who hold cards from the Ministry of Interior to be treated as Saudi citizen requires referral from a governmental hospital or a decision of the Medical Commission.
• Treatment of GCC citizens requires a decision from the Supreme Medical Commission.
• Treatment of non-Saudis, who are working in the goverment sectors, whose contracts provide that their treatment shall be in governmental hospitals, under a decision from the Supreme Medical Commission.
• Treatment of non-Saudis, whether they are under individual or private sector sponsorship, requires an explicit Decree of His Majesty the King, with the exception of treatment of infertility, dental, organ transplantation, prosthetics, bone marrow transplant, plastic surgeries and kidney dialysis, unless Royal Decree expressly provides otherwise.

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