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The Patient and Family Advisory Council Discusses Patients' Services

8/17/2017 8:00 AM



The Patient and Family Advisory Council, in its 10th edition, discussed a number of suggestions and remarks submitted by the Council's members on the health services provided to patients, through which the City seeks to develop and improve the medical service.

Dr. Ali Assiri, Executive Director of Patient Experience, said that providing services to patient is a fundamental pillar in the health care system of any establishment. It has been noted that the increased attention given to achieve and measure patient satisfaction as it is an important indicator of the success of these establishments in achieving the desired goal.

Assiri pointed out to activate a set of programs that enhance and improve the health care process in the City, such as the patient voice program, which includes regular rounds made by the leaderships to the patients, and establishing an advisory council for the patient and the family, and direct meetings with patients through the circuit television, in addition to social communication channels, stressing the City's efforts to overcome the various obstacles and challenges that prevent the provision of a distinctive medical service to patients, and reaching services provided to them out to high levels.