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Media Center / . / "Nebras" and "KFMC Poison Control Center" Agree to Raise Awareness of Center's Patients

"Nebras" and "KFMC Poison Control Center" Agree to Raise Awareness of Center's Patients

7/25/2018 12:00 AM


The National Committee for Narcotics Control (NCNC), represented by the national project "Nebras" has reached today an agreement with KFMC Poison Control Center by signing a memorandum of cooperation which indicate implementing a set of preventive programs targeting KFMC patients and employees and containing awareness and informative messages warning from narcotics hazards.

This agreement is expected to contribute in activating the role of KFMC Poison Control Center and benefiting from it in a manner that serves the scientific studies performed by the NCNC Secretariat and its national project "Nebras", to achieve narcotics protection, build strategic partnership to solve and study the addiction cases received by KFMC Poison Control Center and provide the necessary service for them, as well as support experiences and  specialized cadres in the fields of training,  toxicology and Narcotics Control.

"Nebras", in signing this agreement, was represented by the CEO, Colonel Dr. Samy bin Khaled Al Hamood, while KFMC CEO, Dr. Mahmoud bin Abdul Jabbar Al Yamany, signed the agreement of behalf of the Poison Control Center.

On his part, Mr. Bandar Bin Abdullah Al-Rumaihi, Relations and Media General Director and NCNC Secretariat Spokesperson, considered this agreement as a significant support for the preventive work in KSA, particularly along with conducting studies and research that can benefit in solving the issues related to narcotics and toxins, noting to the gains expected to be archived by this agreement which will protect the country and citizens from narcotics.