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Media Center / . / King Fahad Medical City implanted a Prosthetic Eye and Facial Bones for a Twenty-Year-Old Patient

King Fahad Medical City implanted a Prosthetic Eye and Facial Bones for a Twenty-Year-Old Patient

7/24/2017 3:00 PM



The team of Maxillofacial Surgery in King Fahd Medical City managed to implant a prosthetic eye and repair the facial bones for a twenty-year-old patient, in a complicated operation that involved the re-building of the eye socket and the cheek bones and implant special bones around the left side of his face.

The patient has encountered an accident that caused him to lose his left eye and part of his maxillofacial bones. A normal surgery has been operated on him to close the eye socket with metal sheets to fix the remnant bones with a layer of skin to cover the area of the  lost eye.

After conducting the medical examinations and radiation analysis for the previous operation, a medical team has been formed; led by Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Jabbab, Head of  Dental, and Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in King Fahd Medical City, Dr. Adel Al-Hazimi, prosthetic reconstructive Consultant of Maxillofacial, and Mr. Ahmed Al-Zayud, technician of Maxillofacial Replacements.

The medical team managed to repair the maxillofacial bones by removing some bones from the skull, remodeling and implanting them in place of the facially injured part, and then remodeling the socket of left eye, enable the team later to conduct special implantations similar to those of the dental implants but specialized in fixing the eyes in the eye's socket so as to use it in fixing the industrial eye. This enabled maxillofacial replacement surgery team to manage to fit  in a silicone prosthetic eye with special metal sheets within the prosthetic eye implant operations

Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Jabbab indicated that this type of operations is very complicated as it needs qualified human expertise as well as several stages to reach the desired result and also requires specialized surgeons in this type of operations.