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Media Center / . / King Fahad Medical City Localizes the "Sequential Genome" Analysis of Genetic Diseases

King Fahad Medical City Localizes the "Sequential Genome" Analysis of Genetic Diseases

1/25/2017 3:00 PM



 King Fahd Medical City has succeeded in localizing the results of the sequential genome analysis of genetic diseases, which is considered an internationally novel analysis, in its lab of genetic diseases, and getting the certificate of accreditation from the American Society of Pathology (CAP).

The Chief Executive Officer of King Fahd Medical City, Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany, has assured the application of high strategy on specialized health care services provided for citizens, and relying on the quality and safety standards in dealing with patients. He mentioned the medical city endeavor to get the international accreditation in the field of health, which is to be added to its achievements in developing health service.

Al Yamany has pointed out that the Medical City is keen on performing its specialized services efficiently and with high quality, and on training its qualified workers and health providers through the adoption of the concept of improving performance.

For his part, the Director of Pathology & Clinical Laboratory Medicine at King Fahd Medical City, Dr. Mosa Fagih said: "We have worked on the project since the beginning of 2016, trying to reduce the cost of the analysis, which used to be sent to one of the European countries, and to localize it in the laboratory of the Medical City. We have contracted with specialized laboratories to conduct the analysis using the lab equipments without reading the results, that the DNA of the patient is to be separated from the rest of the blood components, and the sequential genome is to be analyzed, while the results are to be read within the Medical city. The first report on this analysis was issued last week » .