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"KFMC Saves a Patient with Severe Scoliosis"

5/1/2018 12:00 AM

KFMC surgical team led by Dr. Nabil Al-Assaf, Orthopedic Surgery Consultant, succeeded in treating a complicated scoliosis case of a 20-year-old female patient with spinal curvature of 147 degrees, which is very high degree for scoliosis cases, even on the international level.

Dr. Nabil Al-Assaf stated: "The patient was referred from one of the biggest hospitals. She was suffering from a significant malformation preventing her from walking and daily life activities. After the surgery, the shoulders and torso were in the normal balance and position. The patient is performing her daily life activities normally".

"The patient's family had the chance to treatment their daughter abroad. However, they preferred to treat her at KFMC. The surgery was successively performed over two stages to ensure the patient's safety. The patient is now well balanced and performing her daily activities normally without any obstacles after the surgery is successively performed without any complications, thanks to Allah". Dr. Nabil Al-Assaf added.

Dr. Al-Assaf clarified that: "There are Saudi cadres who have participated in the surgery; Dr. Sami Khairy from Neurology Department; Dr. Afnan Al Samman from Neurosurgery Department; and Dr. Mohamed Awal, Assistant Consultant". Dr. Al-Assaf further noted that: "The patient's condition is stable and she needs to be followed up in the clinic to avoid any future complications that may occur".