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KFMC Gets Third CBAHI Accreditation in a Row

11/5/2017 1:00 PM



King Fahd Medical City (KFMC) has received the final accreditation of the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) for the third time in a row, [w71]  after achieving the highest degree among the other Saudi health institutions that are subject to the relevant standards tests.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Yamany, CEO of KFMC, said that this recognition was the result of joint efforts and continuous support from all the leaders and staff of KFMC, and determination to commit to providing high quality services and achieve excellence in patient safety.

Dr. Al-Yamany added "There are more than 20 chapters identified by the CBAHI as a criterion for achieving this accreditation related to quality, leadership, medical records, human resources, medical services, nursing services, nutrition, pharmacy and infection control, as well as laboratories, environmental safety and safety of the facility; for this end we have been working in teams since we have obtained the previous accreditation 3 years ago to ensure the quality of services provided based on the preparations made by KFMC that helped us realize this achievement to a high degree, which, in turn, will help to improve the quality and patients' safety to achieve our vision  to be a benchmark in provision of specialized healthcare."

He added: "There has been continuous follow-up by the quality department to ensure that the policies are up to date and to guarantee adherence to the implementation of policies and standards and to issue periodic reports – In the past 6 months, intensive efforts have been made by about 7 teams working to implement these standards in different fields."

It is worth mentioning that CBAHI aims to create environments that focus on improving the quality of healthcare, and devote its services to improving the quality, safety and effectiveness of healthcare services. In addition to applying high consolidated standards for patient care and safety by focusing on reaching the best patient care levels, assessing their cases and controlling infection.

 [w71]Probably a Missing phrase in the source