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KFMC Enhances its Success in Utilizing Modern Technologies for Gastroenterology and Hepatology Endoscopies

8/2/2018 12:00 AM


KFMC enhanced its success in treating Gastroenterology and Hepatology diseases by endoscopy through applying  the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques made during the last three years. This is a  qualitative shift contributed in changing many traditional concepts and methods in treating cases such as cystic duct obstruction, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer and esophageal cancer , and chronic hepatitis resulting from hepatitis C.

Benchmarking Establishment Keeping Up with the World.

"The last phase witnessed an international development in the field of diagnosing and treating different Gastroenterology and Hepatology diseases, noting that KFMC was always keen on keeping up with this development by providing the best therapeutic services as it is a benchmarking establishment in KSA since it owns specialized  medical centers in neurological surgery , Gastrointestinal tumors, cardiology and surgery" Gastroenterology  and Therapeutic Interventional Endoscopies Consultant, and Head of Gastroenterology, Endoscopies and Hepatology Department in KFMC, Dr. Abed Al-Lehibi asserted.

Advisory Experience and Advanced Training

Dr. Al-Lehibi indicated that KFMC Gastroenterology Department is considered one of the advanced centers that serves patients in various KFMC departments. It was classified as a training center for Gastroenterology and Hepatology fellowship as per the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties accreditation. It comprises of three main sections: Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Endoscopies sections where ten elite consultants in the field of Gastroenterology are working there. Further, it accepts over the year a number of trainees, health faculties' students and interns receiving an advanced specialized training.

New Concept of Endoscopies Performance

Endoscopies operation method has been changed than ever before few years. This is asserted by Dr. Al-Lehibi who spoke about KFMC usage of ultrasound endoscopies  which is considered an important shift in the Gastroenterology treatment methods as they can be used in treating tumors along with taking cells easily without any surgical intervention. "KFMC utilizes modern technological abilities whether usual or highly specialized ones. While traditional endoscopies were used for diagnosis, the new concept; the interventional endoscopies combines diagnosis and treatment", he added.

Breaking Up Stones by Laser

On the other hand, Dr. Al-Lehibi revealed another type of endoscopies used in KFMC; bile duct or cystic duct endoscopies which deal with stones gathering or obstruction cases which cannot be diagnosed by regular endoscopies. "KFMC started using modern endoscopies of high quality operated by catheter three years ago. It allows meanwhile using laser in breaking up stones, the matter which cannot be done except by a surgical intervention", he stated.

Sleeve Gastrostomy without any Complications

While many people are concerned about sleeve gastrectomy operations and their potential complications, it becomes possible to speak about the perfect practical solution for patients enabling the physicians to perform sleeve gastrectomy operations for a wider category, especially those cases not responding to the traditional treatment as surgical interventions were not recommended for those cases due to many factors, including body density.

The solution by using endoscopies in sleeve gastrectomy operations; it is an international used method that has been applied  in KFMC during the last period. This method results were accepted in weight loss with less complications without any surgical procedures at all.


Balloon Endoscopies Unique Experience

Small intestine endoscopies remained one of the most accurate therapeutic methods used in treating gastrointestinal diseases. KFMC succeeded in providing a unique experience in this filed by using small intestine endoscopies between duodenum and colon. In this method, examination is performed by balloon endoscopy to detect any tumor or bleeding and get them treated diagnostically or therapeutically  whether by taking  medical procedure or referring the case along with its accurate results to the specialized entity to keep on its treatment until it is fully cured, If Allah's wills.

Towards Ending Hepatitis Patients Suffering

Hepatitis patients in KSA suffer from chronic diseases, most prominently cirrhosis as hepatitis B and C are among its most important causes. Many of those cases are related to obesity or caused by fats deposition in the liver for a long period. To eliminate this suffering, KFMC used the most recent technologies providing all  Hepatitis  patients with all examinations they need, including liver stiffness measurement by a specialized screen within no more than a quarter-hour approximately. Afterwards, the physician determines the patient's treatment plan and provides Hepatitis B and C treatment whether by KFMC or the Ministry of Health (MOH).

KFMC, represented by Gastroenterology  and Hepatology  Department, in cooperation with MOH developed a strategic vision aiming to reach a phase where all Hepatitis C patients complete their treatment in KSA.

International Conferences and Practical Applications

In addition to use modern technologies in treatment, KFMC took care of the scientific aspect and establishing communication channels and experiments exchange. KFMC organized three international conferences on endoscopies in 2014 and 2016, in addition to the conference held in May 2018 whose subjects focused on gastrointestinal tumors, and how to get them diagnosed by modern methods, taking samples, and differentiating between benign tumors and others.

This conference further discussed cystic ducts diseases, tumors and stones gathering. Moreover, it presented live operations of breaking up stones in liver without complications and  perform  endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. In addition, many discussion were exchanged among  selection  of  Saudi physicians along with their counterparts from the Arab world, Europe and USA. At the end of the conference, a set of recommendations were declared aiming to serve patients and encourage the medical field and trainees in KSA to master diagnosis and treatment methods, and use modern devices in treating gastrointestinal diseases.

8412 Specialized Care Cases

According to the Head of Gastroenterology and Hepatology Department in KFMC, Dr. Abed Al-Lehibi, the department received in 2017-2018 about 8412 cases and all of which  needed a specialized health care. Those cases varied from cystic duct endoscopies, ultrasound endoscopies, stomach and esophageal tumors diagnosis, obstructions and stones treatment, taking samples from pancreatic mass and others. A large number of these cases have been subjected to regular upper and lower endoscopies