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"KFMC" Enhances its Sterilization National Program by Employing its Graduates

7/25/2018 12:00 AM


Dr. Usamah ALZoraigi, Director, Anesthesiology and Operating Rooms Administration in KFMC confirmed that the employment of many graduates in serialization and nursing fields through a national program KFMC holds annually for graduating specialists in serialization field. The first class was graduated in 2017, noting that the Saudization percentage, in the last year, was increased in the specializations dealing with operating rooms in KFMC by more than 35% compared to the previous percentage.

Dr. ALZoraigi expressed that the Anesthesiology & Operating Rooms Administration succeeded in reducing the waiting lists by 50%. He stated that: "Medical teams work in operating rooms as homogeneous team with high competencies. This hard work caused an increase in  utilizing the operating rooms by significant percentages which increased from 70% to 85% approximately. Operating rooms are deemed high cost facilities for health facilities as they are competing to take advantage of them.

Dr.ALZoraigi indicated that the operations ratio increased from 9600 to 12600 operations in 2017, and these figures come in line with the international rates in this field. Further, this increase is not limited to the rise in numbers, but it depends on the operations quality as anesthesiologists take care of patients, before, during and after the operation, by accompanying patients in operating rooms, meeting them before the operation to eliminate fear, prepare the patient, discussing the appropriate treatment plan, and following up patient to reduce operation pains through the use of modern technologies and local anesthesia".

"KFMC is distinguished for the existence of  a reference nature, leading to many reference and urgent cases as well as  the referred cases requiring the existence of high competencies to deal with them, high specializations whether surgical, or in the field of anesthesia, technical or nursing staff, and advanced technologies. KFMC has digital operating rooms and some interventional radiology such as magnetic resonance, imaging and CT scan. This nature requires to increase the training level and scientific movement as KFMC in general along with specializations using operating rooms has become a training center accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties at all levels". Dr. ALZoraigi noted.