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KFMC Completes Second Phase of Transferring 34 Shared Rooms into 68 Single Rooms

1/10/2018 12:00 AM

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Yamany, CEO of King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), assured that working to raise the level of therapeutic environment for the patient and achieve his/ her satisfaction is one of the priorities of KFMC, which is sought through the project of transferring KFMC's shared rooms into single ones. This was during the inauguration of the single rooms in the Children's Specialized Hospital, which has been completely renovated to the highest international standards and medical and environmental specifications. The project will include the four hospitals of KFMC with 140 single rooms. He further pointed out that KFMC is concerned with the specialized cases that require constant care and precise follow-up of the patient, and seek to provide high quality health services.

"The inauguration of children's rooms is the second phase of the project, which has been divided into multiple phases due to the difficulty to evacuate patients, which may cause disruption of clinical service, as patient's comfort and service is our priority. By doing so, we aim to provide a child-friendly atmosphere, in terms of colors, drawings, all the medical tools used and paintings that connect the patient to the external environment to suit him, and to provide a complete privacy by designing and use of state of the art materials known by the local market in patient service field", He added.

For his part, Dr. Salman Al Shalhoub, Director of Projects Administration of KFMC, explained that the total number of rooms transferred in the first phase was 36 rooms, which were 18 shared rooms, noting that the second phase included 34 shared rooms that have been turned into 68 single rooms, i.e 120 rooms in total. He also stated that the project will take 6 months before commissioning and takeover phase." In this project, we will use sustainable, high-quality environment-friendly materials. Recyclable materials are approved in order to protect the site environment, such as linoleum floors, which are fully made of natural materials, that are not harmful to human health and are recyclable, reflecting in improvement of the therapeutic environment by designing patient rooms in consistency with their health, the matter which helps speedy recovery" he added.

Dr. Al-Yamany also inaugurated the new offices for patient experience in the Patient Experience in the Main Hospital to make them much closer and accessible by the patients. The new offices are implemented according to the latest designs aiming to achieve the greatest productivity of employees and provide the best services to beneficiaries within KFMC".