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KFMC's Scoliosis Team Reduces Invasive Surgery

3/5/2018 12:00 AM

A medical team from KFMC, led by Dr. Muaz Al-Ghadir, the scoliosis consultant and the Head of  Spine Surgery Department, succeeded in performing a scoliosis surgery for a female patient with minimally invasive surgery. This is classified as the most advanced method of scoliosis treatment.

Dr. Muaz said: "Scoliosis surgeries are usually preformed in  the middle of the back or through the removal of column vertebral muscles. However, we have applied this new type of operation in order to reduce  the minimally invasive surgery. This helps to reduce the skin openings. Besides, we do not remove all muscles from vertebrae, but we only remove muscles in the screw fixation position."

About the advantages of using minimally invasive surgery, Dr. Al-Ghadir explained  that  it  reduces  bleeding  and  the  pain that  is  associated  with surgery, as it  exposes  less area  than usual of  the back muscles for  screws and metal  rods  installation. Therefore, speeding  up the time  of  the recovery while the  patient's  performance  increased  after the  surgery, in terms of  the ability to move and the strength of the back muscles. Among the advantages of this technique is  that  it helps to preserve the normal appearance of  the back, especially for females, due to the small size of the scar.

Weeks ago, the same team succeed in saving  the life of a patient  from the scoliosis  Consequences, which caused  a  compression on his lungs and a breathing  difficulties. The  patient  had  a  rare  surgery  by  opening  his  back  and  attaching  3 metal rods in  the  spine, not 2 as usually done in similar surgeries.