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Initiatives to Develop Health Service and Improve Patient Experience

3/26/2018 12:00 AM


Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany, CEO of King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), has launched the Patient Experience Award "Mobadarah" (Initiative), which aims at adopting and supporting creative initiatives and spreading the culture of societal participation through launching an internal initiative that urge all employees of the medical city to put forward ideas and proposals, which serve the health service.

Dr. Al Yamany expressed happiness for the launch of this initiative, which is compatible with KFMC plans to build a health society, in which the modern technologies are associated with the medical cadres to provide a health service that is tangibly reflected on the patients.

For his part, Dr. Ali Asiri, Executive Director of Patient Experience, said that the Patient Experience Award aims at honoring initiatives that have contributed to improving the patient experience in KFMC and achieved positive results, which have greatly helped to satisfy patients and their families and improve their experience in the health service provided.

The award included 10 initiatives as follows: One stop shop clinic, Women's Support Group TAJROBATI, Electronic Medical Refill Requests Toward Excellence in Patient Experience, Enhancing Nurse-Sitter Holistic Relationship, NIDCAP Nursery Certification Program, Child Friendly Hospital Environment, Cancer Female Oasis, Quite Talk, Tahoor, and Cognitive Group Therapy.

The initiative is meant to provide a direct specialist service through putting forward scientific projects and ideas that are applied in reality through the efforts of KFMC staff, including concerned individuals, experts and supporters.