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King Fahad Medical City

Media Center / . / Health Minister reviews proton nuclear accelerator for tumor therapy at KFMC

Health Minister reviews proton nuclear accelerator for tumor therapy at KFMC

12/15/2016 12:00 PM



Minister of Health Tawfiq Al-Rabiah visited the proton center at King Fahd Medical City (KFMC) and witnessed the readiness of the nuclear accelerator for tumor therapy.
The new proton (cyclotron) technology was installed at KFMC in the recent past, in collaboration with Saudi Particle Therapy Center, which is classified as the first center of its kind in the Middle East.
Abdulmohssen Almohayssen, chairman of Saudi Particle Therapy Center, was among those present at the event.
“Mounting and operating nuclear accelerator is part of the implementation of the Ministry of Health’s agreement for establishing proton national center for cancer therapy at KFMC,” said Dr. Mahmoud A. Al-Yamany, CEO, KFMC.
“Proton technology is considered a recent development in tumor therapy. This radiotherapy is directed at tumor spots to kill cancer cells and at the same time protect uninfected neighboring cells. This type of radiology is suitable for children’s cancer therapy at which protecting other healthy cells has the priority, and physicians can use high dosage (higher than X-ray dosage). Such higher dosage gives benefits in cancer therapy,” Al-Yamany added.
KFMC Executive Director of Medical Affairs Dr. Moshabab Al-Assiri described the project as a contribution to transferring and localizing of proton therapy technology in the Kingdom, easing patients’ sufferings and saving costs of overseas treatment. It also helps achieve Vision 2030 in terms of the private-public sector partnership.
“Proton is considered a recent technology. It was less used due to its high cost of establishing a therapy center,” Al-Assiri explained. He added that proton therapy is a precise technology that is able to maintain the safety of nearby healthy cells.