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Media Center / . / Dr. Mushabbab Asiri: Venous Thrombosis kills 10 percent of hospitals inpatients

Dr. Mushabbab Asiri:  Venous Thrombosis kills 10% of hospital's inpatients

12/25/2016 12:00 PM



Executive Director of Medical Affairs at King Fahd Medical City, Dr.Mushabbab Asiri urged health facilities to provide safe and secured health care and to apply global quality and safety standards with regard to the prevention of venous thrombosis that take place inside hospitals. DR. Asiri mentioned that about 10% of inpatients in hospitals were dead as a result of a venous thrombosis according to scientific studies.


Dr. Asiri described deep vein thrombosis as a silent disease among inpatients, pointing out that its rate of mortality exceeds the total mortality cases of breast cancer, prostate cancer, AIDS and car accidents in Europe, and it is also the third cause of death in the world after brain and heart strokes.


This came during the opening ceremony of "prevention of venous thrombosis Conference which was organized by King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh and lasts for two days.


Dr. Asiri added that "King Fahd Medical City puts great efforts into the prevention of venous Thrombosis by providing all modern medical technologies and medicines that benefit the patient. He commended the efforts of Blood coagulation team at King Fahd Medical City and he aspires that KFMC will be free of venous thrombosis cases"

From his part, Dr. Mohammed AlSheef, Consultant in Internal Medicine and Coagulation and Blood Vessels Disorders, Chairman of the Organizing Committee said that 60% of venous thrombosis cases occur to inpatients or after 3 months from their discharge. In case they do not receive the preventive measures that is recommended globally, the ratio range between 10-40% among internal medicine inpatients while it rise to 40-60% among Orthopedic, neurosurgery, spine surgery patients and traffic injuries.

He added that each inpatient is subject to a risk of stroke, and that assessment the possibility degree of venous thrombosis is measured by scientific methods (VTE RAM) depending on the availability of risk factors.  

 The Chairman of the Organizing Committee explained that the conference aims to educate the medical cadres at different doctor's levels and disciplines, surgical and internal medicine, hematology, pharmacy, intensive care, in addition to the nursing staff and pharmacists. The conference aims as well to increase the level of awareness of the latest venous thrombosis prevention and how to diagnose and treat such disease based on scientific evidences.