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Media Center / . / Dr. Al Yamany: We strive to spread humanitarian initiatives through blood donation campaigns

Dr. Al Yamany: We strive to spread humanitarian initiatives through blood donation campaigns

7/18/2017 3:00 PM



Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany, Chief Executive Officer of King Fahd Medical City, said to "Riyadh" that blood donation campaigns continue all throughout the year in KFMC or through the participation with the government and private sector through the mobile blood donation vehicle.

Dr. Al Yamany emphasized that they strive through these campaigns to spread the blood donation culture among the community members and to enhance the public health, promote humanitarian initiatives that contribute to save guard human lives, and to honor  the donors.

This came up during a blood donation campaign during blessed month of Ramadan under the title of a drop of your blood save lives, The campaign  was started by the  Chief Executive Director Dr. Mahmoud bin Abdul Jabbar Al Yamany and a number of  the Executives Directors in KFMC.

Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany explained that KFMC organizes many blood donation campaigns during the year, as well as preparing a number of mobile blood donation units, and participates with various governmental and private sectors in organizing blood donation campaigns.

He added that this campaign comes a part of the charitable humanitarian initiatives and active participation in various humanitarian events and occasions. He went on to add that these campaigns enhance the religious, humanitarian and national benefits. He pointed out that this campaign has a noble humanitarian importance to save the lives of others, in addition to the health benefits to the donor.

AlYamany outlined that the donor achieve several health benefits from his blood donation such as increasing the bone marrow activity in producing new quantities of cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and increasing the blood system circulatory activity, reducing the risk of heart diseases and arterial occlusion) as well as preventing the accumulation of iron in the blood of the patients  who suffer from iron overload such as Hemochromatosis.

It is worth mentioning that  KFMC applies international  quality standards and patients protection procedures, it has special applications to achieve the required blood quantities,  it also holds records of donors, among the honorees was a donor who gave more than 20 donation times, while the least donor gave three donations per a year.