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Media Center / . / Dr. Al Yamany: “Hosting TEDx is Inspiring and Motivating for Success”

Dr. Al Yamany: “Hosting TEDx is Inspiring and Motivating for Success”

1/2/2018 12:00 AM

​KFMC Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mahmoud Al Yamany, asserted that TEDx International Conference hosted by KFMC is inspiring and motivating for success and hope through stories told and experiences showed by the participants in the conference organized on Monday at KFMC Main Auditorium and under the title of "Tedx KFMC". "One of the objective sought by KFMC High Management is to recall creativity in all courses of medical and administrative business and support its creators, most important of which is to host one of the largest international conferences to show the inspiring experiences "TEDx", where the participants presented a variety of creative solutions and ideas for the future outlook, dealing with frustration, and making a difference in work and life journey", he added.

On the other hand, Director of KFMC Public Relation & Corporate Communication Administration, Mr. Bassam AlBraikan said, "The event is a global conference dedicated for spreading inspiring ideas and stories that deserve to be presented and disseminated for gaining benefit in many fields. There were 12 KFMC speakers. By virtue of being an international conference, many talented and creative people undoubtedly got opportunities to present their ideas that became a point of concern by the largest companies and institutions all over the world. Holding such conference is a positive and incentive matter for KFMC employees. KFMC's role in holding such major and highly-influencing international conference is to support and encourage institutions' employees to share their successes and promote the culture of creativity for the development of the individual and society".

It is worth mentioning that TEDx Foundation has introduced TED Annual Award to exceptional individuals who are desirous to change the world as they are given an opportunity to achieve their desire.  TEDx offers individuals or groups the means necessary to hold local events organized all over the world.