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Dr. Al Assaf: Most Oncology Patients Cured after Radiotherapy

5/1/2018 12:00 AM


During the Radiotherapy Awareness Day organized by KFMC in the Main Hospital's lobby, KFMC Radiation Oncology Consultant Dr. Hossam Al Assaf asserted that most oncology patients are cured and resume their normal life following months of radiotherapy, noting that 50 - 60% of oncology patients need radiotherapy during their treatment; this may be sufficient and eliminate the surgical or chemotherapy intervention.

He added, "This event is marked as the day to introduce radiotherapy to the community and health personnel who often believe that radiation is radiograph once they hear. In fact, radiation is a part of the oncology treatment which consists of radiation and surgical department as well as drugs including chemotherapy and biological therapy. Radiotherapy is used for healing or as a palliative treatment to address symptoms management. It treats some benign tumors such as vascular malformation or tumors that are close to sensitive places".

Dr. Al Assaf added: "We treat 1,500 patients every year at KFMC by radiotherapy, beginning with the initial examination, and then referred to radiology in order to calculate doses for the sound organs, so that tumor radiotherapy gets concentrated, and each case has an appropriate dose with a scientifically-proven effectiveness. Radiology images are sent then to the Department of Medical Physics to determine the doses and ensure the right and sound procedures to be undertaken. Radiotherapy is administered with free or minimum effects while the radiation is concentrated on the place of the tumor. In addition, radiosurgery may be conducted within one intensive session or over 7-week sessions. The patient is then seen weekly for symptoms examination and given the appropriate treatment."

He concluded as saying: "Some recovered patients are present on the Radiotherapy Awareness Day including children, men and women; a child aged 5 years after a brain tumor treatment is participating with us in the inauguration event in addition to another patient who works as a teacher in the North of the Kingdom. They all live their lives naturally and free from late symptoms".