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A Medical Team Saves a Patient from “Scoliosis” Consequences Through a Rare Surgery

2/13/2018 12:00 AM

A medical team from King Fahad Medical City, led by Dr. Muaz Al-Ghadir, the scoliosis and children's orthopedic surgery consultant, succeeded through conducting an urgent and rare surgical intervention at the same time. He saved the life of a patient in the late second decade of his life , who was suffering from a severe scoliosis that caused a compression of the rib cage to the lung therefore causing breathing difficulties.

Dr. Muaz clarified the details of this case saying: "the case is of a 19 years old patient, suffering from gravis myasthenia due to weakness of his muscles. The patient visited different clinics for many years because of the scoliosis which gradually increased, thereby causing a severe breathing difficulties to him. He was relying on the artificial respiration most of the time, which caused a danger to his life.

Dr. Al-Ghadir added that after the primary examination of the radiation result, it shows that the patient suffers from a severe scoliosis, making the surgical intervention necessary , which is considered to be the best choice at  this case.

 "We usually decide to conduct two surgeries for such kinds of cases in order to correct  the curvature, and to eliminate the discs between the vertebrae in the first surgery and to increase the laxity of the spine. Seven days later, we open the back and we attach screws and metal rods. However, this process affects negatively the lungs which are originally damaged because of the intensity of scoliosis. So, we decided to do a large and rare surgery by opening the back and attached three metal rods in the spine instead of two. Despite the difficulty of this process, we have attached screws in every vertebra so that will greatly ensure that there is  no movement of  the vertebrae. It increases the correction percentage of  the deformation. Also, we have attached the spine with three metal rods to reinforce the stability of screws and reduce their movements, as the third metal rods were attached to the rib cage muscles" Dr. Muaz added.

The medical team leader stated that the surgery lasted for 12 hours, after that the patient was admitted to the ICU  due to the weakness of his lungs because of the scoliosis that he suffers from. Pointing out to the improvement of the patient case, thanks to Allah, after the correction of his spine and he responded to natural breathing.

Dr. Muaz stated that the patient was discharged from King Fahad Medical City while he was in good and stable condition, where he practices his life normally, dispensed from the artificial respiration device, and he does not suffer  from any wound infections.