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80% of Children's Cancers in KSA are Completely Cured

2/20/2018 12:00 AM

Dr. Musa Al Harbi, Director of Comprehensive Cancer Center at King Fahad Medical City, asserted that the percentage of children who are cured from cancer are increased up to 80% in light with the advanced therapeutic technique. He indicated that there are 900 to 1000 cases diagnosed annually, and KFMC covers 20% of these cases.

This came during the "International Childhood Cancer Day" event organized by the Comprehensive Cancer Center. He stated that: "Statistics indicated the existence of 822 new cancer cases among children in the last year between the ages 0-14 years old, representing 5.2% of total cancer cases in KSA where leukemia is the most common type among the children and it represent more than third of diagnosed cases".

Dr. Musa mentioned that this event aims to remind us of the International Cancer Day which is held internationally to support children with cancer. He stated: " Our ultimate goal toward this event is to deliver a message to the community that tumors can be treated with high success rates, up to 80% of children can be cured".