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60.000 Preterm Births in KSA Yearly

11/26/2017 1:00 PM



Neonatal Consultant at King Fahd Medical City (KFMC); Dr. Ban Abdul Razaq asserted that nearly 10% of births worldwide takes place early and before the completion of normal pregnancy period; resulting in a premature baby. She pointed out that the number of premature babies worldwide is estimated at 15 million yearly and 60,000 babies per year in the Kingdom, according to global statistics.

Dr. Ban emphasized that more than 15000 of them need a special medical care in the NICU immediately after birth. She pointed out that the number of premature babies who were under KFMC care exceeded 1300 premature babies.


Dr. Ban said during the World Prematurity Day event, organized by KFMC in the presence of a number of children who were under KFMC care in the premature incubation then "Some cases have great potential of preterm birth for several reasons, including mother's age; If the mother is below 18 years or above 36 years old, she is more likely to give birth early. In addition to pregnant women who suffer many diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc. The reasons also include frequent pregnancies for more than five times, or giving birth to twins, lack of a sufficient time between pregnancies, bacterial infections and urinary tract infection, as well as family's low socioeconomic status that may result in malnutrition, anemia and diseases affecting the mother, as well as  pregnant woman's lack of awareness and poor health care beside the pregnant woman who suffers multiple problems in the uterus such as uterine cancer, congenital malformation and Cervix weakness. This also include weight loss or gain before pregnancy, mild or excessive weight gain during pregnancy, frequent miscarriages or preterm birth, in addition to early placental detachment or unspecified induction of active uterine contractions before the end of pregnancy.


Dr. Ban also discussed preterm birth risks affecting the embryo, "The more the baby's age is closer to the full pregnancy period; the fewer are the problems and complications. The more the premature baby is younger and lower in weight; the greater are the complications". "Progress and development in Obstetrics & Neonatal Medicine led to low deaths. The statistics also emphasized lack of complications in the incubation period, especially babies weigh more than 750 G" She added.