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Media Center / . / “Ultrasound screening is very safe and contains no radiations”

Dr. Al-Dosari Denying its relation to fetal abnormalities

12/5/2017 10:00 AM



Dr. Abdullah Al-Dosari, Chairman of Body Imaging Department at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), assured that the medical imaging or what is known by the public as "rays" is one of the most important elements of the medical process to diagnose cases without the need for surgical intervention. This came during the Event of the "International Day of Radiology" organized by KFMC at the lobby of the main hospital under the patronage of Dr. Ibrahim AlHarfi, Associate Executive Director of Medical Administrations. The event addressed 7 different types of medical radiology, together with the role of each type in accurately detecting and diagnosing the injured parts.

"Medical imaging is one of the pillars of medical diagnosis process that aims to accurately detect weakness points of body diseases, and facilitate the proper treatment. Medical imaging is not an easy specialty, as some believe, it is rather a broad and deep specialty that has precise and complex specializations, which require academic study and high qualifications to be joined and practiced", Dr. Al-Dosari said.

With regard to the risk of ultrasound screening on public health, Dr. Al-Dosari added: "This kind of imaging does not include any kind of radiation, and that's why ultrasound screening is very safe and does not cause fetal abnormalities as rumored. Furthermore, there are limitation of ultrasound examination, such as lack of patient preparation, obesity, colon gases and severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as children in the case of instability".

Mr. Mohammed Al-Nasser, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the event indicated that KFMC has organized the event and presented all currently available forms of medical imaging, pointing out that the Department of Medical Physics was consulted in this event to clarify the potential risks that may occur for some cases and how to avoid them. In this edition of the event, the Department of Radiology Education was added aiming to benefit students and trainees to know about training and educational programs conducted within KFMC in this field.