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Consultant: Educate Your Children to Protect them against Sexual Harassment

11/27/2018 12:00 AM

KFMC Pediatric Behavioral and Development Consultant, Dr. Fawwaz Al-Enazi, stressed that it is important for parents to protect their children against abuse or sexual harassment by raising child's awareness of the seriousness of this issue. This came during the awareness day "To Protect Children from Abuse", held at KFMC Main Hospital lobby.

"It is very important to educate and talk with children about their body organs at early age, and explain to them that some of their body's organs are not allowed to be touched or seen by anyone, otherwise; it is not good at all to keep such issue secret. The child should be encouraged to speak out if he/she experienced such acts since she/ he is not guilty at all. In addition, parents should not allow housemaids or drivers to stay alone with the child, unless they are present. Further, it is necessary to prevent them from watching TV channels or magazines presenting inappropriate contents, and observe the content they watch via their own electronic devices.", Dr. Al-Enazi stated.

"Social awareness becomes much greater than before in respect of violence and abuse cases as well as raising awareness of such cases, along with child rights in general. Moreover, Child Protection Regulations was issued and approved by the Council of Ministers in 1436 AH, which provides specified clauses about child protection.", he added.

 In regards to the event of "To Protect Children from Abuse Awareness Day", Dr. Al-Enazi stated, "The event aims to shed light on the child generally and child abuse cases, and raise the awareness of health providers on the importance of identifying such cases earlier and hence provide appropriate care for them. It was held in concurrence with the International Children's Day. It aims to make the society aware of how to report such abuses. Governmental authorities and some participating charities provided 24/7 hotlines to report on abuse cases. It is the health providers' responsibility if they suspected any violence case. Moreover, the law stipulates that whoever doesn't report shall be subject to the disciplinary penalty".

The awareness day program included scientific lectures given by specialists in this field with regard to identifying violence and abuse cases as well as their implications, and how to provide psychological and emotional support to such cases.