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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / Main Hospital / Admins

KF2_4412.JPGMain Hospital Departments
Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine:
• General Intensive Care Section
• Pulmonary Section
Department of Dentistry:
• Preventive Dentistry Section
• Hospital Dentistry Sections
Department of Family Medicine and Employee Health
Department of Surgical Specialties:
• Urology Surgery Unit
• Orthopedic Surgery Unit
• ENT Surgery Unit
• Plastic Surgery Unit
• Ophthalmology Surgery Unit
Department of Medical Specialties:
• General Internal Medicine Unit
• Gastroenterology Unit
• Nephrology Section
• Rheumatology Section
• Infectious Diseases Section
• Dermatology Section
Department of Surgical Oncology:
• Minimal Invasive Surgery Section
• Hepatobiliary & Oncology Surgery Section
• Colorectal Surgery Section
• Breast & Endocrine Surgery Section