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Recruitment Journey:

1.  Use our search engine to find the job that fit your capabilities according to the available job description and list of requirements for each job.

2. You  can apply for jobs online and submit your CV but this step requires you to register by creating a user name and password. taking into account the following:

    • Name as written in the passport.
    • Contact numbers must be correct and updated.

    • Submit first the highest degree you hold together with the duration of the program recorded by date (month / year).

    • If you have worked in more than one job / administration in one organization, please describe the role of each separately.

    • Provide a brief overview of your career more than ten (10) years ago - and provide a detailed explanation for any period without work.

    • Start with mentioning your last job during the past ten (10) years.

    • If you have worked as a temporary employee or through authorization, please indicate the number of working hours per week and determine the            following:

                   a. Start date (month and year)

                   b. End date (month and year)

                   c. Reason for leaving a job.

                   d. Name of employer

    • If you have worked previously in a hospital, select whether the hospital is public / private / educational and the type of services provided by the   

      institution, and the size of the bed capacity and determine the following:

                    a. Work address, grade / level and type of work (full time / or part time)

                    b. If your work was part-time, please indicate the number of working hours per week

                    c. Information about the administration, department, unit or ward in which you has worked

                    d. For a hospital or medical unit (Explain the type and size of the unit / service / bed capacity).

                    e. Mention the administrative or supervisory tasks (if any) in addition to any other tasks you have performed.


3.  A preliminary review will be made for the information contained in the CV to make sure they match with the requirements of the job you have nominated for. Applicants who do not apply to the conditions will be notified.


4.  Applicants, who have been included to the short list, will be required to conduct personal interviews and tests of Recruitment and Evaluation Department, required to occupy the job. Applicants for certain key administrative positions will be asked to conduct psychological measurement tests to assess behavioral knowledge and skills based on the job requirements. Then, the competent work team will send the final short list of the passed candidates to the requesting administration to play its role in determining the necessary tests and personal interviews to select the appropriate candidate for the job.

            Note that the candidate will conduct the following interviews :

            a. First Interview:

               This interview will be made by Talent Acquisition Administration and the purpose of the first interview is to review the information contained in 

               your job application and discuss career opportunities through question & answer in friendly manner. We are looking for highly qualified

               employees to participate King Fahd Medical City vision, mission and values.

           b. Second Interview:

             It will be made by the administration of the vacancy. The personal interview will be conducted by phone or video calling, in some cases, face-to-

             face. It is a chance for both parties to learn more about the job and the candidate for the job.

           c. Final Interview:

            It will be made by the committees of every job category. Then, it will be finally decided on the candidates for the job in line with the assessment of

            their qualifications and skills.


5.  If your application is accepted, you will be contacted for the job offer.


6.  Once the job offer is completed, we will need you to provide us with the necessary official documents to complete your recruitment procedures of the employee file. For non-Saudis, addressing governmental authorities to finish the necessary procedures may take from month to 60 days.