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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / FAQ's / Religious Counseling

1. I have some questions concerning the performance of some acts of worship, is there someone to help me?
Yes, there are male and female guides specializing in religious and spiritual guidance providing the necessary support and answer questions about prayer, purity, fasting and so on. Moreover, there is a 24/7 telephone line to listen to the most important fatwas that concern patients (16070) in addition to a special application (Tuhur) that can be downloaded from smart phones' stores and through the website (KFMC Apps).

2. Can the patient invite Sheikhs to read Roquia during hospital stay?
The religious and spiritual guide teaches and helps the patient on how to perform Roquia on himself, which is better. Nevertheless, the patient has the right to invite who he/she wants during visiting hours, however, outside visiting hours, he/she has to coordinate with the Safety and Security Department.

3. Does King Fahd Medical City provide prayer mats, boxes for Tayammum (dry ablution) for inpatients?
Yes, there is a prayer mat and a box for Tayammum, which the patient can request from the ward clerk or nurses.