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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / FAQ's / Medical Documents

1. Does the patient have the right to obtain a medical report? What are the conditions to be met to obtain a medical report?
• The patient has the right to obtain a brief medical report with the exception of emergency visits.
• The patient has the right to obtain a detailed medical report provided that there is a formal letter from authorized bodies.

2. How can I obtain a medical report in Arabic?
All medical reports are issued in English, and to obtain Arabic translated medical report, there should be a formal letter from the authorized bodies requesting medical reports to be translated.

3. How can I obtain the medical report, lab test results or scan reports after release?
Your medical document may be submitted to you in person, or to your parent or any other formally authorized person. You may also log into iKFMC, the application of King Fahd Medical City, and get your medical report.

4. How can I issue a report of a childbirth?
By heading to the patient reception unit in the Women Specialized Hospital, where it requires the following conditions:
First: Childbirth reporting for Saudis
   A. Presence of the father or an authorized delegated person.
   B. Submitting the original family record (family ID), with the wife enlisted.
   C. Submitting the original national ID.
   D. If the mother will report the childbirth, the following conditions should be met:
      • The mother should bring her personal ID.
      • Adhere to the arrangement of Article (33) of the Civil Affairs Roles and Regulations stating the persons authorized to report a childbirth.
      • Perform personal identity then document it by the competent employee.
   E. Submit the child papers from the maternity ward, and they should be registered electronically in the childbirth system by the maternity ward and

      certified by the doctor who performed the maternity procedure.
   F. In case of the wife is non-Saudi, the ID of the husband and the wife passport or her valid Iqama in addition to the marriage certificate certified by the

      concerned bodies should be submitted.
   G. Reporting is done electronically via Civil Affairs System and the reporter does not need a hard copy.

Second: Reporting childbirth for non-Saudis
   A. The valid passport or Iqama of the husband and wife.
   B. The Marriage Contract (translated into Arabic and certified by the concerned entities)
   C. In case of the wife was Saudi and the husband is non-Saudi, please submit the Iqama or passport of the husband and the wife ID as well as marriage

      contract (All documents should be valid).​