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KFMC / King Fahad Medical City / FAQ's / Eligibility

1. What are the requirements for admission at the King Fahd Medical City?
A recent medical report from the hospital explaining the reason for referral and a valid national ID.

2. What is the application mechanism at King Fahd Medical City?
The application is submitted by the following means:
• An electronic referral via Referral Program (Ehalati).
• An electronic referral via King Fahd Medical City system.
• Present personally to Eligibility Department.

3. Why is the patient not received and examined without medical reports?
King Fahd Medical City is a specialized tertiary hospital with a policy that stipulates a referral from a hospital.

4. Why is the case refused despite it is a government hospital?
The case may be refused based on a medical justification, regardless of the source of the referral.

5. What are the reasons for rejecting the case?
The case is usually rejected for the following reasons:
• No additional service is required for the patient or the patient does not need a specialized tertiary care.
• Unavailability of the required medical specialty within King Fahd Medical City such as burns and accidents injuries.
• The service is available at the referring hospital.
• Unavailability of beds if the case is urgent or an emergency.

6. What is the method of following-up the referral?
Following up the referral can be through SMS - which is an automatic service-, by iKFMC for smart devices, or via toll-free phone (800127700).

7. Why reports are not received from health centers?
Health centers are authorized only for referral to public hospitals, which in turn can refer the patient to specialized hospitals in the event of unavailability of the service.

8. Why the file is closed after the service?
According to the treatment eligibility regulations for at medical cities and specialized hospitals, the file is closed at the end of the treatment plan or upon returning the patient to the referring hospital to continue the treatment.

9. How long before responding to the referral?
The case is studied by medical committees and they reply within 48 hours.

10. Where is the Eligibility Department and what are the official working hours?
Eligibility Department is located at the main entrance, gate No. 1 at the direction of Mecca Road. Working hours are from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

11. How do I reactivate a closed file?
To reactivate the file, one should apply again by bringing updated medical reports and submitting them following the mechanism mentioned in question number (2).