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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / FAQ's / Admission

1. What is the possibility of admission in a single room at the King Fahd Medical City?
Currently, clinical stay in single rooms is limited to medical reasons determined by the medical team.

2. Are there paid private rooms available at KFMC?
All medical services provided by the medical city, including the patient's stay, are without financial compensation and there is no paid private rooms.

3. How long is my expected period of admission in the KFMC?
The patient during clinical stay is entitled to a full and detailed explanation of the treatment plan and the expected duration of admission by the physician or case manager.

4. What is the expected duration of the waiting list for admission?
The patient's staying on the waiting list depends on the priority (critical cases) in clinical stay prescribed by the physician and number of scheduled patients for admission in the same specialization.

5. During my admission at KFMC, Where can I keep my precious property?
While completing inpatient procedures, either through the emergency department or through Bed Management Department - The employee will provide you with explanatory brochures describe the patient's rights and duties, as well as instructions on valuables. It is also advised not to keep valuables with patients during the period of admission at hospital.

6. What is the preferred time for attending to the date of admission?
The Bed Management Department (Admission) officers will communicate by telephone and coordinate with the scheduled patient for admission and determine the appropriate time for admission.

7. Where is the Bed Management Department (Admission) location and what are the official work hours?
The Bed Management Department (Admission) is located at the Children's Specialized Hospital on the ground floor, and works seven days a week, 24/7.