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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / Children Specialized Hospital / Services

KF2_4460.JPGPediatric Intensive Care Department:
Pediatric Intensive Care Department (PICD) is now equipped with the latest techniques to handle all critical conditions through the use of world-class technology that have been upgraded continuously. PICD contains a number of advanced respirators, high-frequency respirators, dioxide nitrogen devices and ultrasound devices to assess the heart function and central nutrients status, in addition to a Bronchoscope and a range of modern devices for continuous dialysis.
Neonatal Intensive Care Department:
1.Provides integrated healthcare and best medical services for both full-term and premature babies.
2.Comprehensive examination of the children before discharge.
3.Serves all cases of high-risk delivery.
4.Embryology consultation.
5.Examination of metabolic genetic disorders.
6.Examination of hearing at King Fahd Medical City for all newborns.
7.Provides initial basic vaccinations upon discharge.
8.Provides follow-up in the motor and cognitive development program for premature infants.
9.Premature infants’ clinics follow-up those who were discharged from the care unit and provide services based on their needs.
10.Comprehensive eye examination for premature babies.
Department of Pediatric Surgery:
Department of Pediatric Surgery is featured not only by modern equipment and the latest medical instruments, but also the human cadre that is capable of making all types of surgeries, such as premature surgery, congenital disorders and cancer related diseases, which include the neck, chest, abdomen, vascular surgeries… etc. This experience was perfected at King Fahd Medical City due to the diversity of conditions. Moreover, this cadre actively assists Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabiah in the conjoined twin separation surgeries. This Department has become a popular destination for all trainees, not only from the Kingdom and the Gulf region, but also the Arab and Islamic world, as the trainees come from different countries and stay for different periods of time to gain experience.
General Pediatrics Department:
Specializes in providing medical care to children who suffer from health problems and also receives and successfully treats all complex cases. The Department is highly equipped with capabilities, expertise and support services in addition to the support from different specializations in the fields of pediatrics.
Subspecialties Department:
Subspecialties Department includes the following divisions:
Immunity and allergies, rheumatic diseases, infectious diseases, digestive system diseases, respiratory system diseases, renal diseases, endocrine diseases, metabolic diseases, growth, behavior and adolescent medicine).