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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / Blood Donation / Post-donation instructions

Dear Donor, we advise you to follow the following instructions:
• Please don't leave until released by a blood bank staff member.
• Do not smoke for an hour.
• Drink more fluids than usual during the next twenty-four hours.
• Avoid strenuous exercise or work until after you have eaten.
• Remove bandage after a few hours.
• If needle puncture site starts bleeding, raise your arm and apply pressure to the bleeding site.
• If you feel faint or dizzy, lie down if possible, otherwise, sit down until symptoms have gone away. If symptoms persist, either return to the blood bank or see a doctor.
• If you had fever, diarrhea within 12-24 hours after donation or bleeding on the site or any problem/discomfort within 12-24 hours after donation that may compromise your safety and safety of blood products, you may call blood bank Tel # 288 9999 Ext 14914/14915
• Do not return to work for 12 hours, if your work involves operating heavy machinery, cranes, trains or taxicabs, or climbing ladders or scaffolding. Flight crews should stay off work for 72 hours after whole blood and platelet pheresis donation.
• Although your blood volume returns to normal very rapidly, please wait for at least 2 months before your next whole blood donation and 2 weeks before your next platelet pheresis donation.

On behalf of blood bank staffs, we highly appreciate your cooperation.​