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King Fahad Medical City

King Fahad Medical City / Blood Donation / Donor Journey (before & after)

1. Registration: 
   • Ask question about your health, travel, and medication
   • Ask question to see if you might be a risk for Hepatitis, HIV or AIDS
2. Pre-Donation:
   • You should have had a meal or heavy breakfast in the past 3 hours.
   • You should have had at least 4-6 hours of sleep.
3. Donor Medical History and Questionnaire:
   • Register and check your information in our system
   • Check your previous records and determine eligibility
4. Automated Self-Medical Interview:
   • Answer the automated Self Medical Interview (SMI)
   • Respond to questions and ask for clarification or queries
5. Physical Examination:
   • Determine your weight, blood pressure, temperature and pulse
   • Take a small sample of blood from your finger to make sure you are not anemic
6. Collection of Blood: 
   • Arm will be cleaned with antiseptic (tell us if you are allergic to Iodine)
   • A new, sterile, disposable collection set will set used to collect your blood.
   • Donation time is about 10 minutes.
7. Post-Donation Care & Health Education:
   • Refreshments will be given 
   • Post donation instructions will be given.
   • Do not leave the unit until you are asked to.