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Continuous Professional Development Administration

Continuous Professional Development is responsible in providing scientific activities that focus on consolidating scientific concepts and enhancement professional skills. This Administration offers various activities such as expanding the core of knowledge and enhancing the skills required by the medical and health professions, assisting to improve the level of health care provided to patients. The Administration of Continuous Professional Development collaborates with local and international medical authorities such as King Abdulaziz Medical City for National Guard, The University of Cincinnati, The American Society of Blood Banks, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) aims to improve the scientific content by providing up-to-date information and awareness with the latest scientific developments in various fields.


Our Services

  • * Conferences, Symposia, Workshops & Lectures.
  • * Certified Programs.
  • * Summer Course.
  • * Board Review Course.
  • * Nursing Education Courses.
  • * Intradepartmental Activities.
  • * Visiting Professor Program.
  • * Process Professional Leave.
  • * SCFHS Accreditation Provider.
  • * ACCME Accreditation for Physicians Provider.
  • * Online Educational Activities.
  • * Outreach program.

CPD Administration includes the following departments:
   • Continuous Professional Development Support Department
   • Conferences Organization Department
   • Academic Accreditation Department


To contact with the office of support Administration of Continuous Professional Development Administration:

Ext:       011  2889999 – 10928

WhatsApp: 0539418035