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The establishment of the Executive Administration of Academic and Training Affairs, King Fahad Medical City, dated on 12/25/1424H. Believing that training is the main tool that gives the individual skills to be productive in all levels. The education training and development of our workforce is a sole responsibility of Academic and Training  Affairs at King Fahd Medical City. To raise the level with high quality standards of staff and its career and filling of talent in every administration, to work in various fields are the most important needs of each administration, which seeks to achieve. ATA focused on training and in every detail of preparation, study and to present with the latest technology in the training process, and attracted talent and advisory staff to participate in the areas of training, both within the city or outside staff qualification and graduates at the highest scientific and training level and provide solutions and training services to keep up with the administrative and medical renaissance enjoyed by our country now.

ATA includes the following Administrations and Center :-

 Learning Institute. 

 Continuous Professional Development Administration. 

 Postgraduate and Scholarship Administration.

 Health Training Administration. 

 Center for Research, Education and Simulation  Enhanced Training (CRESENT).

​ Administrative and Technical Training ​Administration.​​​


To contact the Office of Administrative Support of Executive of Academic and Training Affairs:​

Ext: 10894​


Location: Gate no. 2 Executive Administration building 2nd floor.


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