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Outpatient Pharmacies in King Fahad Medical City

Medication Refill Instructions

KFMC – Pharmacy

Medication Refill Services are provided by the Outpatient Pharmacy in the Outpatient Building – Ground floor, from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am until 5:00 pm, through:

    1. Request of Medication Refill via King Fahd Medical City Application on smart phones "iKFMC" (for the visitors inside and outside the city of Riyadh). The service is currently available on the Apple Store and will be added soon to Android systems. By this service, you can choose the way of medication receipt either at the pharmacy (for patients within Riyadh) or by express mail (for patients outside Riyadh) to the nearest point of the receipt to your home.

    2. Call the free number or KFMC telephone (for patients outside Riyadh City) and receive the medication through express mail service.

Free number: 8001277000

KFMC Tel. No.: 0112889999 ,, Then, call Medication Refill Pharmacy on Ext.: 12700


Dear Patient:

  1. You must bring the refill card when coming to the pharmacy to receive the rest of the medication that was not dispensed for three months.

   2. Medication dispensing shall be made (10) days maximum prior to the date of renewal.

   3. In the case of delay by the patient, the amount of medication shall be dispensed according to the remaining days.

  4. If medication is not available, your complete personal information will be recorded and an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number when the medication is available.


(We wish you the speediest recovery) .


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