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Smart Clinics leads “KFMC” Services at Global Health Exhibition

9/26/2019 12:00 AM


King Fahad Medical City (KFMC) has completed its participation in the Global Health Exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Health at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, with presentation of five technical health projects. EPIC project, which KFMC is applying after signing its agreement recently, topped the projects, followed by the project of smart clinics, iKFMC application, a presentation of medical projects, 3D printing techniques for maxillofacial surgery and Automated External Defibrillator Inside.

Dr. Fahad Al Ghofaili, CEO of KFMC said, "We work on harnessing the technical capabilities to serve patients starting from the digital and smart services such as seven-level smart clinics project, which serves 15.000 patients within a week in 1,200 clinics per week, in addition to EPIC project, which we hope that it would integrate the artificial intelligence (AI) techniques with patient services such as data analysis, reading an indicator of patient condition predications based on the data. The projects also provide an application comprising 44 services including, reports, pharmacy, medication refills and home delivery".

He added, "Today, we provide leading services in providing safe environment in KFMC campus or the housing area by providing 250  Automated External Defibrillator Inside, so that KFMC's staff could use this device after completion of training sessions."

Dr. Al Ghofaili pointed out that theses smart services confirm the quality, speed and ease in providing services and satisfaction of customer receiving these services, which reflect development in health services and easy access to the services and their providers, aiming to meet patient's satisfaction.

Global Health Exhibition brings together more than 15,000 healthcare professionals, working together to connect and empower health knowledge to carry out projects that will bring about the desired changes in the delivery of advanced health services.

The Exhibition reviewed a variety of conferences including, continuous medical education conferences for healthcare professionals throughout the three days of exhibition. Conferences are divided into clinical: lab management conference, patient care experience conference, comprehensive radiology conference, quality management conference, emergency medicine conference and non-clinical conferences: digital health conference, hospital construction conference, healthcare leaders conference and biomedical engineering conference.

The Exhibition plays an effective role in promoting connection among healthcare professionals by providing communication opportunities that positively reflect on their practical roles, making it a more connected exhibition with regional and international sectors seeking to make the world healthier.