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KFMC Breaks through Children's Fear of Operations by “Simulation Room”

3/27/2019 12:00 AM


KFMC Anesthesiology and Operating Rooms Administration inaugurated Pediatric OR Simulation Room in order to break through fear and anxiety of children and their families upon hospitalization for surgeries or procedures under anesthesia which may lead to complications before, during and after general anesthesia.

KFMC mentioned that the operating room and the start of anesthesia are children's most frightening stage, stressing its continued pursuit to render comprehensive specialized health care including psychological aspects for pediatric patients and their families.

KFMC has prepared a special room that simulates the operating and anesthesia room in order to educate this group of patients about preparatory procedures of operations and to give them the opportunity to have an experience that simulates the reality in an interactive manner. The child and his companions will have an educational tour in such room prior the actual date of operation. This will be realized in the presence of specialists who will explain preparatory procedures for operations and anesthesia in a simplified manner within an environment of kindness and calm. A variety of educational methods will be utilized to answer all children's questions in order to eliminate various kinds of uncertainty of concern, which calls for a sense of comfort and tranquility.