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Media Center / . / Dr. Al Ghofaili: We prepare highly qualified nursing staff to deliver specialized care for patients

Dr. Al Ghofaili: We prepare highly qualified nursing staff to deliver specialized care for patients

10/23/2018 12:00 AM


Dr. Fahad Al Ghofaili, Chief Executive Officer of King Fahad Medical City, emphasized the importance of building a high standard nursing environment through recommending the utilization of evidence-based information and practices, creating strategies to apply evidence in the practical field and ensuring research quality, consequently, we would be able to develop qualified competencies to deliver specialized care in the services provided to the patients.

This statement was delivered yesterday during the opening of the International Nursing Symposium under the title (Transforming HealthCare "The Essential Contribution of Nursing" in the main auditorium with the participation of 28 speakers from various health sectors and nursing colleges in the Kingdom.

Dr. Al Ghofaili stated: "Nursing is a fundamental pillar in the medical field and a noble profession as it is directly associated with human health to care for and preserve humans' lives. The symposium aims to discuss the development of nursing services in King Fahad Medical City and strive to improve the potentials of staff working in this profession, which is considered as a main strategic objective in KFMC since inception".

On the other hand, Mr. Ahmad Hawsawi, Executive Director of Nursing Affairs, explained that the symposium discusses the enhancement of medical and scientific knowledge aspects through nursing management and leadership, nursing education and development, nursing research and evidence-based practice.

He added: "The symposium is mainly for all nurses of both genders as well as nursing students from different universities and colleges. The symposium aims at identifying strategies that support nurses and nursing leaders in improving health care transformation towards evidence-based practical development, analyzing internal and external challenges that affect transformation in the nursing clinical practice, in addition to identifying the current opportunities that promote health education and training in the Kingdom, taking into consideration the experts' opinion on the optimum use of resources in the nursing field and within the community for the sake of delivering high quality care. The symposium also aims to analyze the cultural factors that affect health care transformation, identify the technological factors contributing to the patients' safety, and explore the most effective health care models that enhance the patient and his/her family experience.