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Dr. Al-Ghofaili: 54 Graduates Constitute our Nucleus to Build High-Quality Nursing Culture

3/10/2019 12:00 AM


CEO of King Fahad Medical City, Dr. Fahed Al-Ghofaili, stressed KFMC adoption of an approach to build high culture of nursing practices by ensuring the quality of developing human qualified staff to achieve specialized care in patient services. This came during his speech in the graduation ceremony of nursing interns in KFMC in 2019, which witnessed 54 male and female students graduated through cooperation programs with universities and centers specialized in nursing.
Dr. Al-Ghofaili talked about radical social change that has taken place in Saudi society's view towards nursing profession, especially parents who refused in the past to involve their sons and daughters in such profession, stating "In 1960, the first two nursing colleges were established in Riyadh and Jeddah. The society used to totally reject the idea of their sons and daughters joining this profession. However, what I am seeing today of the presence of all graduates' families at this ceremony shall demonstrate how far this concept has been totally changed over 60 years."

He added: "Today I am very happy to graduate 54 people to be a pillar of the national nursing staff in KFMC. This is the result of a training program developed by KFMC as part of its strategy to develop and improve the provided medical services to the highest levels of patient satisfaction."
On the other hand, the Executive Director of Nursing Affairs at KFMC, Mr. Ahmad Hawsawi, said:" that the ceremony was held to graduate 22 male students and 32 female students in cooperation with several public and private universities, with a full year of training starting from 4 March 2018 to 28 February 2019 in a number of the hospital's general and specialized departments.