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The Comprehensive Cancer Center 

The Comprehensive Cancer Center of King Fahad Medical City is considered Ministry of Health's main reference for Hematology and Oncology within the Central Region of Saudi Arabia. Our patients are referred from all regions in the Kingdom to receive all the necessary treatments required. The Comprehensive Cancer Center has full support in its medical tasks caring for hematology & oncology patients in accordance to the international standards of patient care.

Our staff are dedicated and committed to provide high standard patient centered care through multidisciplinary approach including all aspects of cancer care starting from prevention, diagnostic, therapeutic ending by long term follow up program.

Comprehensive cancer center has provided the service through five department including Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Adult Hematology Oncology, Palliative Care and Pediatric Oncology services.

And our staff has significant contribution to the international knowledge through research and up-to-date publications in peer review medical journals and at the same time we have we have state of art training program including residency and fellowship.     


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